Piavanti Technologies - a new service offered by

Arciero Associates, LLC   Charlotte, North Carolina

Business VPS:  Designed for businesses running custom applications or customized configurations, and who need to host a small number of websites on one server. Available on CentOS or Ubuntu, and includes Plesk with a 10 domain license.  Designed for small businesses based on CentOS Linux with Parallels Plesk Panel. Specs & Pricing

​​WebPro VPS:Designed for customers who will be portioning their server into smaller web hosting accounts.  This package comes with the full cPanel stack including WHMCS, Fantastico, RVSkin and RVSiteBuilder Pro.   This VPS service is designed for Web Professionals on CentOS Linux with cPanel/WHM.  Specs & Pricing

Custom VPS:  For the customer that wants to break free of the mold and mix and match their solution we can provide all the options including CentOS, Ubuntu, Plesk, cPanel, or a bare-bones solution.​  Specs & Pricing

Developer VPS:

Designed for developers who don’t need a control panel and want a more bare-bones server to build their custom applications. Comes with the full LAMP stack pre-provisioned and is available on CentOS or Ubuntu.   Designed for developers based on Ubuntu Linux with the full LAMP stack pre-installed.

Specs & Pricing

Virtual Machines:   ​Our VM options are comprised of a set of specifications and configurations that is ideally suited for your business environment.  Explore the options and call us today to order your VM!  
​Packages range from $59 to $109 per month

Industry Focus

•  SMBs - All Sectors  •  Financial Services

•  Services

•  Energy   

•  Communications  

•  Healthcare


Our infrastructure options include Virtual Private Servers and Virtual Private Machines as well as the PiAvanti BaaS.  We can assist in configuring, provisioning and managing the cloud technologies that your business needs with confidence and ease.