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Privacy Policy

Email Marketing Policies
In order to make all reasonable and responsible efforts to honor your preferences and requests, PiAvanti utilizes Constant Contact, an automated email subscription management software solution. If you receive information from PiAvanti via email and wish to opt-out of our email subscription list, simply follow the opt-out instructions within the email.

Your email information will not be shared with or sold to any third party. Any information you provide to PiAvanti, including your email address, will remain confidential and used solely by PiAvanti and associated companies.

Online Marketing Policies
PiAvanti uses Constant Contact automated email software to provide us with data collection, email and reporting information regarding our customers' activities for the emails we send and on our website. When you click on links within our emails or visit our website, Constant Contact may set cookies on our behalf and may receive information about your browsing activity. Additionally, using the Constant Contact service, we may store personally identifying information that you have provided to us, such as your name and email address. PiAvanti and Constant Contact will not sell or make available any of your personal information to a third party, or use it to market products and services not related to PiAvanti's solution or service offerings. For more information about Constant Contact software and consumer privacy, please visit: http://www.constantcontact.com/privacy_guarantee.jsp