Piavanti Technologies - a new service offered by

Arciero Associates, LLC   Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Virtualization Health Check
    Identify issues and develop recommendations for architecture upgrades and improvements to optimize virtual environments to meet your objectives. [Click here to see Our Process.
  • Wireless Network Assessment
    Analyze proposed or current wireless environments to identify access issues or infrastructure requirements and recommendations to meet wireless coverage business performance objectives.​

Industry focus

  • Information Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Energy
  • Communications
  • Healthcare


  • Penetration Test Assessment​    Identify target systems and perform in depth testing to determine if vulnerabilities exist that could allow a hacker to gain unauthorized access or exploit your network.
  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessment   Identify web based target applications and uncover software vulnerabilities based upon extensive testing that could allow unauthorized access, sabotage or theft of sensitive data
  • Vblock Deployment & Implementation    Vblock D & I service includes onsite system setup and integration for clients who have purchased a pre-configured VBLOCK SYSTEM 100 or VBLOCK SYSTEM 200.

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Whether you need us to evaluate the overall health of your IT systems or do a check for vulnerabilities, we offer a range of assessments for your business.  Review the options below and give us a call today.