Piavanti Technologies - a new service offered by

Arciero Associates, LLC   Charlotte, North Carolina

Communication:  Each month, we send out an update of positions, career, and training related newsletter via email. We encourage you to keep us posted of changes in your career and certifications statuses. 

Client Relationships:  We take the time to fully understand our Client's goals and corporate culture. We seek to develop long-term business relationships with our Clients and will share this knowledge with you as part of the on-boarding process.

Confidential:  We maintain strict confidentiality and operate very discretely. We take your career very seriously, and strive to enhance your exposure to the best career opportunities within Engineering, Software and IT.

Preparation:  We work with each candidate to most effectively prepare you for interviews, cultivating references and negotiating the best possible offer package.

Rich Talent Pool:  We will compile a database of Software, Engineering and IT Professionals located throughout the Southeast U.S. These candidates' skills, strengths and professional goals will be evaluated and documented. We consistently maintain contact with our Candidates. When an opportunity arises that fits their needs, the relationship and a level of trust has already been established.

Active Recruitment:  Our candidate research department will access thousands of potential candidates who may be interested in your position. We will proactively recruit using social networking sites, career sites and advanced Internet searching techniques to rapidly uncover active and passive candidates for your needs.  Our researchers use the most advanced search techniques available today.

Presenting the Most Qualified Candidates:  We provide you with a list of the best candidates and review them with you to get interviews quickly scheduled.  We operate with a sense of urgency to ensure you're able to hire only the "Best-Fit" candidates.

​​Managing the Process:  We handle all parts of the process -- from reference checks to salary negotiation. We follow up to ensure you are satisfied with your new hire.

Our employer process

From the initial phone conversation through the acceptance ​of your offer, PiAvanti will work closely with you to manage the interview and hiring process. First, our Recruiters work with you to establish a clear picture of the specific requirements for your position and company. Based on this information, we immediately work to locate qualified candidates for you to review, interview and hire. 

Here's how we produce results:

Job Seeker Process

Because we are a Technology Solutions company, we understand and leverage the IT and virtual  environment.  
Our goal is to provide you with assistance in your career-related activities and job search and to ensure that we find the best fit for you. The PiAvanti team understands the challenges of the jobs search process and  how to secure excellent positions for top notch IT Professionals.  It is our desire to see you reach your career potential. ​  ​
Our Process For Success:

Listening:  We conduct a detailed interview in order to learn about your professional goals. We also evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, and technical qualifications. With this information, we are able to locate the best opportunities to satisfy your particular requirements.  If necessary,  ​we will recommend and guide you to the best training resources available so you can get up to speed quickly.