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​Cisco WebEx allows you to conduct business more efficiently by eliminating back-and-forth emails. With an Internet connection, you can work with teams across the map. Maximize your resources and bring people together without travel time and expense. Meeting Center shared site accommodates up to 25 meeting attendees for Single Named Host License.


Your cloud Meeting Center

Integrate live audio, video, and data - (Audio Not included in WebEx package)
Easily create dynamic and persuasive multimedia presentations that integrate live audio, video and data. Utilize powerful presentation techniques such as animations and Adobe® Flash,® to deliver the true presentation experience.

Powerful annotation tools
Presenters and participants can annotate and make notes on documents as if on a white-board, for concise and clear communication or editing.

Network-Based Recording (NBR)
With a simple click, you can record all your events and make them available for replay and review. Choose from multiple options such as requiring registration, destination URL and/or post meeting surveys.

Meeting platform you can trust
You don’t get a make up session when the technology fails. All WebEx events run on the Cisco-powered Cisco WebEx Collaboration Cloud, providing industry-leading security, reliability and performance.

Attend a WebEx meeting from your smartphone such as iPhone, BlackBerry and many others. From your smartphone you can attend a scheduled meeting with integrated audio and web conferencing on 3G or wifi. View presentations, view participant list and much more...


Let your prospects join your meeting on the platform of their choice: Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX.®

ALL for less than $49 per month!  Call today to get started 704-560-2207