Microsoft  Office  365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service that is designed to help meet your organization’s needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity. Microsoft Office 365 delivers the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping save time, money, and free up valued resources. Office 365 combines the familiar Microsoft Office desktop suite with cloud-based versions of Microsoft’s next-generation communications and collaboration services—including Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Office Online, and Microsoft Lync Online—to help users be productive from virtually anywhere through the Internet.

Microsoft Office 365 w/ SkyKick Automated Email Discovery and Migration Services 
Benefit from the full Microsoft Office 365 suite and simplify the transition of email services with SkyKick's email migration service. SkyKick's email Migration Project Automation gives you the flexibility and control to migrate your customer's end-users' mailbox. Whether it’s Exchange, Google, POP, IMAP, or Lotus Notes - either hosted or on-premise - the SkyKick Automated Discovery Service will analyze the customer's source system email architecture and display results including the number of mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes, Public Folders and Distribution Groups. The SkyKick application manages nearly all aspects of the migration project from source mail server discovery to destination Office 365 configuration.

Microsoft Office 365 with SkyKick Automated Email Discovery
Configure the entire Office 365 suite to your needs and with complimentary SkyKick email discovery service, appropriately size your Office 365 email subscriptions. The SkyKick Automated Discovery Service will analyze the customer's source system email architecture and based on this information, you will instantly know how many Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions you need to purchase.

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365 provides cloud-based productivity and the familiar, rich Office experience customers love as a cloud service. When customers choose Office 365 as their messaging system they take advantage of the most trusted name in office productivity. Select this option if there is no email migration involved, and no source server to discover, typically for new accounts creation.

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise E3 with Dun & Bradstreet Business Package
Dun & Bradstreet helps Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Supply & IT professionals boost their ROI and effectiveness. Bundled with the top selling Office 365 Enterprise E3 package, you will have the ability to marry Dun & Bradstreet’s world class business insights to your customer or supplier portfolios.

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